How this begins…

As I began a new career a few years ago, I decided I would explore the American dream and buy a house.  After very little research and much impatience, I chose a 936 square foot 1957 brick home in the middle of Tucson, AZ.  It was an exciting milestone. I signed the papers and I crossed it off my bucket list. After a year of living there, I awoke one morning from a terrible dream:

* I was in a house and looking out a window. In the distance I could see an enormous tornado heading my way – it hit – and broke the windows of my home. I tried desperately with bricks and thick sheets of plastic to mend the windows but to no avail – the twister took me up and away. *

Later that night, I arrived home to find my back door and windows smashed in – there was a brick laying on my kitchen tile floor and I was surrounded by shards of glass.  Someone had invaded my property, ransacked my home, stole my laptop and all of my late grandmother’s jewelry.  I need not explain the turmoil and upheaval this caused me as a single woman living alone. The fear in that experience, and the months of vulnerability that set in after, broke my bond to the house. It whisked me up like a tornado and I didn’t know where I was going to land. My head was still spinning and thoughts were churning.

For some time, I was broken. As I gathered my strength, I questioned my decision to buy the home in the first place. I had always thought about eventually renting the property and now I had daydreams of living in a better location.  The experience rekindled my lifelong desire to live on my own parcel of land.  I also started thinking about how much of the 936 square feet I didn’t use. I had two extra bedrooms that were filled with boxes and random items I hadn’t used in the entire year I had lived there.  I noticed I spent the majority of my time in my kitchen, bedroom and bath. Having all that space no longer made sense to me.

Shortly thereafter, I discovered the Tiny House Movement.

tinyVentures is my way of chronicling the process of downsizing from a 3 bedroom house into a Tiny Home (or at least minimizing my acts of hoarding); meanwhile embracing my passion for the environment, Buddhism, travel, roadside oddities, architecture & eco-design. It is my hope that I can be an inspiration for others, or at least open a few eyes to a simple kind of life.

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